How Retailers Capitalise on Major Brands

You might think that well-known brands want to sell all their items themselves. That is not the case. Some items from their stock are sold to retailers such as Zaful. You can read honest reviews of Zaful here. But in what way can these fashion retailers profit from major fashion brands and the trends set by these brands? We will tell you some of their secrets.

Trends are Fleeting
Unfortunately, fashion trends come and go
But it does mean that there is a lot of profit to be made from people who need a bit more time to get more comfortable with a style. So, by the time fashion designers and big brands are about to launch their next collection, there are still a lot of people who are just getting used to their old sweaters and dresses. They want room for their new collection, so they sell their old shirts, cardigans and other clothes to a fashion retailer.

Lower Price
Often, the brands sell these clothes for a discounted price because the new collection is coming and because the fashion retailer buys a whole bunch of dresses and shirts. In turn, the retailer can charge a lower price for their own customers. This is how they make their profit and are able to sell branded sports clothing or casual wear for the same price as the brand itself. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a sweater that is out of stock at the brand shop itself and are able to buy it for a lower price.

The Familiarity of Brands
Having a few popular brands in their assortment helps a retail shop to make a name for itself. Customers are often a bit wary of new shops and will only pay a small price for their clothes. If you don’t know a brand, you don’t know what to expect and the unexpected will hold you back for buying their products. It’s a different story if some of the brands in the store sound familiar. Then, you may be more inclined to visit that shop just because they have your favourite brand hanging or lying somewhere. This is especially the case if the retail shop in question is the only shop that still has that lovely dress in your size.

No Designers Needed
Fashion retailers don’t have to come up with their own collection. These shops are able to exist because they sell what other brands created. Therefore, they save money on fashion designers, dressmakers and expensive machines that are needed to create clothes. The clothes receive by the fashion shop are already put together, seems and buttons included. So the production costs can be scratched. It saves these shops both time and money.

So, as you can see, there are various ways in which retail shops can profit from the collection made by major brands.