Which is the best private equity career?

Most of the young people are often puzzled with the idea of finding the best career. There are various courses offered at universities and colleges and this makes knowing the most marketable one quite tricky. It is highly advisable that you consider your personal interests and passion more than the desire to get the highly marketable skills. This will save you from being frustrated by work which you do not enjoy doing. You can learn more about career opportunities in the world of private equity right here.

Auditors and Accounting

You can offer professional auditing services to buyout firms as well as its portfolio companies. Additionally, most of the private equity firms are in need of up-to-date accounting services and you can get this work as an employee or a third party consultant such as RSM Thailand.

Fund Administration

As you probably know, there are some responsibilities which are extremely consuming in a firm. This is where the essence of a fund administrator comes in. You will be required to take over these responsibilities so that the private equity firm gets to manage its portfolio.

Marketing and Sales Consultants

You can work as an in house marketer of a large private equity firm or in a third party sales and marketing consultancy firm. Most of the marketing tasks involve helping the firm to get funds from investors.

Compliance Services

This career helps in ensuring that the firm is in compliance with the rigorous regulations that have been initiated by the government.

IT Consultants & Technology Services

You will get to provide software and technology consultancy services to the firm. As you know, portfolio management is quite crucial in a private equity firm. You can also get the opportunity of setting up a website for the company.