The importance of a suitable teambuilding measure for the department

The fact that a department spends time together at regular intervals apart from normal work has long since become an integral part of a working year in most companies. The planning alone is often difficult because it is important to find the right event. With the abundance at possibilities this is not always as simple. The teambuilding measure should be tailored to the respective department.

It is by no means the case that such events are intended exclusively for amusement. Rather, they are measures that are intended to strategically bring the participants in a very specific direction. Even if the type of events offered is different, especially as far as the physical or intellectual challenge is concerned, the basic idea is always the same. A group of participants, in this case the department, should carry out a specific task collectively. The point is that the individual should bring in his or her own individual abilities. In this way, the participants should get to know each other from a completely different perspective and thus increase mutual appreciation. The common mastering of a challenge beyond the everyday working life strengthens the sense of community.

The type of teambuilding measuredepends first and foremost on the structure of the participants. If it is a team of young people, the focus can be on sporting tasks, while in another age group, for example, the focus can be on creative craftsmanship. It is important that all participants feel comfortable in the team building measure and can contribute their abilities. It is also important that the focus is on mutual support. Any weaknesses of the individual are thus seen with completely different eyes.

If these aspects are considered, one is already a big step further regarding the selection of the suitable team event. However, it is important to remember that the participants are involved in the selection of the team event. This is done by appointing a kind of organizing committee from within the group itself, or by preparing a list of possible ideas in advance. By voting, the participants can vote for their favourite event.