How to approach a marketing campaign in 2019

Especially today, it is extremely important not only to manage a company from top to bottom in the classical way, but also to promote a regular interaction. The areas of cooperation between all departments play a particularly important role here. This is especially true when it comes to the important marketing of the company’s products. The key word here is digitalization. So-called influencers offer a completely new advertising channel for the marketing sector.

What does it mean to be an influencer and what is influencer marketing about?

To understand better the subject, it is important to be familiar with Influencer Marketing definition and what does it really mean to be an influencer.

An influencer is first and foremost a person who is in public life and is also known for it. Influencers are mainly seen on online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Facebook or Instagram). With a large reach as well as the appropriate attention.

Influencer marketing involves the targeted use of opinion leaders with a wide-ranging community for marketing and communication purposes. The aim is to increase the value and credibility of the own brand message on the basis of the trust of the respective target group to the influencers.

Influencer marketing is primarily about gaining brand or product promoters who are in demand as experts in certain subject areas. Influencers can thus, for example, exert influence on the evaluation and assessment of products, services, brands, companies or employers. Influencer Marketing can influence the buying behaviour of many followers. The latter is particularly important in social and content marketing.

How can an influencer influence your audience?

If it is planned to significantly improve the value and reputation of a company, then you should definitely establish contact with an influencer. By working together, certain brands and certain products can be brought much closer to the general public and customers. Especially the opinion of an influencer usually strengthens the credibility of the product. Thus, a recommendation of a product can also increase the buying passion, which is particularly effective if the influencer speaks extremely positively for a certain product.

What are the benefits for the influencer when working together?

In principle, there are different ways to cooperate with an influencer. In the fashion industry in particular, influencers receive certain items of clothing from companies in the form of a promotional gift, which they present accordingly and thus focus more attention on. Or you can conclude a regular contract with an influencer in order to establish a longer cooperation. This means that a product receives more attention, which could be of particular interest for sales and turnover. This applies in particular to target groups where influencers and the product are to interact.