Has your company arrived in the year 2019 yet?

If you’re reading this, you probably own a phone or a laptop. You probably also have a job, which you need and which very likely helped you to pay for this computer or phone. Maybe you are reading this while you’re at this job. Maybe your taking a break at the moment, eating an apple or the mediocre sandwich that you prepared this morning. Have a look around. It’s 2019. What year does your company look like? Do you think your company is up to date? Has your company reached the year 2019 yet? Or does it feel more like its 2012?

New times require new technologies

The technological revolution has never been as intense in its effects as it is right now. Everything can be made easier and quicker by using the new methods, that the internet is offering. These tools not only facilitate your daily life, like making an appointment at the doctors. They can also increase your company’s efficiency.


One of the tools that can increase your company’s efficiency is a so-called CRM-System. CRM stands for Customer-relationship-management system. It helps you understand your clients’ needs and desires better than ever before. By implying such a system in your company, you can comprehend better, at which step your client is. Has he already made a purchase, is he interested in making another? How satisfied is he with the service of your company? The CRM System contains all relevant information on the client. This includes his address, phone number and purchase history. It also helps you to build stable base, that you need to be able to use newsletters in order to advertise your products.

Where to get your CRM System

CRM-Tools are offered by a number of different providers. Some of them offer cloud-based solutions other systems are installed on your own servers. If you’re working in a rather small company, and you don’t have your own IT department, then it might be better to use a cloud-based system. A cloud-based CRM-System also allows you to use the system in more ways. When you’re on the road to visit a client for example.