7 Branding Strategies You Can Never Go Wrong With

Take a quick glance around you and you’ll no doubt notice one or two notable brand marks. There are brands everywhere, but making your business memorable takes a lot of commitment and creative thinking. It doesn’t have to be expensive either – especially in this digital era that lets you do more for less cost.

Branding is not to be confused with simply designing a business logo or call-card. In fact, it encompasses everything about the business that owners want it to represent. Branding is all about the customers, as well as the look, feel and overall personality of the business.

The first step to creating a memorable brand is having a clear understanding of the vision and mission of the business. Critically, the CEO must be able to easily and succinctly provide answers to the following questions:

  • What makes the business unique?
  • Who are the target customers?
  • What is the mission of the business?

Applying the proven business strategies below will help to clearly define your brand personality and earn your business a good share of the market space.

  1. Create a brand-able business name

Your business name is the best chance to instantly make an impression and connect with target customers. In a marketplace saturated by new enterprises, coming up with an easily recognisable and memorable name could be the key to your business success. In contrast, an inappropriate choice of brand name can almost certainly spell the death knell for your business.

In an Internet age dominated by digital marketing, you’ll need to quickly move on from creating a brand-able name to registering it as domain name.  You can search great domain names with a credible hosting company and own a URL that boosts your online visibility.

  1. A logo that instantly communicates your brand essence

A logo is a graphic element that represents your brand visually. It requires a lot of creative thinking and infusion of brand elements, yet must be presented in a simple and easy to understand format.

There are no standard rules for creating a logo, but you should take a cue from some of the biggest and most successful brand logos, such as Google, Nike, UPS, Apple, and Macdonald to gain an insight as to what works best.

It’s also a good idea to brainstorm with a creative team, as well as experiment and receive feedback before deciding on a final, distinctive design.

  1. A deliberate use of colour

Gurus at Domains NZ say that colour is a big part of brand logo designs these days. The use of colours in branding goes beyond the graphic elements associated with a business. Your brand must deliberately and consistently identify with a colour – or at most two colours (a primary colour and secondary colour) – and ‘own’ it in way that it comes to represent your brand in the minds of the general public.  Classic examples are UPS’s brown, BMW’s blue-white, Cadbury’s purple, Facebook’s blue, and Google’s rainbow.

So, how do you decide on the right colour for your brand? You can start by using a colour theory and determining what each hue communicates, but you don’t have to feel constrained. Typically, finance companies and tech enterprises adopt blue and cooler shades for their brand colours, while health and food businesses often use nature related tones, such as green and brown.


  1. A short, clever and memorable tagline

A great brand slogan complements your brand name and makes it even more memorable. Again, take a cue from some of the most memorable brands in the world and see how they have been able to capture the imagination and warmth of their target users with short, clever and memorable taglines. From McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” to KFC’s “Finger lickin’ good”; from Nestle’s “Good food. Good life” to Nike’s “Just do it”, the classic tagline is simple, concise, memorable and only three to five words long.

  1. A definitive brand voice

Company CEOs no longer have to give speeches at conferences and other public places for people to understand the voice of their brand. There are now a great many ways to communicate the brand’s voice to customers and other businesses. It’s all about finding a definitive voice for the brand and staying consistent with it in all business communications – either in a subtle or obvious way.

So, how should you define your brand voice? A simple technique is to imagine your brand as a person and then think about what their choice of language and tone would be. Make it unique, functional and engaging for your target market.

  1. Utilise social media as a branding strategy  

Social media is one of the greatest marketing resources available to brands today. Furthermore, it’s comparatively cheaper when compared with traditional promotional channels.  If your brand isn’t taking advantage of the immense potential of social media to personalise your brand and connect with customers, then you’ll be missing out on vital leads and conversion prospects.

Figure out at least two or three social media channels relevant to your brand and discover when your target customers tend to frequent them; then, you can schedule your posts, tweets, shares, comments and maximise the subsequent opportunities.

Social media is also a great platform to run video promos and other adverts if you have a limited budget, as this will allow for a more customer focused reach.

  1. Establish your brand as an industry leader

To establish your brand, product or service as an industry leader, you’ll have to create a reputation for excellence and find solutions to lasting problems. This means you mustn’t hesitate to flaunt your qualities and credentials; also, let your target customers know you have the confidence and capacity to provide satisfactory answers and solutions to any questions or problems they might have.  This is key to earning trust; and trust is what brings customer traffic and profit.


The most easily recognisable brands today achieved that level of success largely because they dared to be different. They worked hard to present their brand as original, unique and the best in its class. Therefore, following these surefire branding techniques will propel your brand into that elite bracket in no time at all.