How often should you be redesigning your website?

If you think about your website as being the virtual storefront for your business, it makes sense to take a look at it on a regular basis and check that it is still giving your customer the right first impression. After all, if you had a physical store, you would give the outside a good cleaning and a lick of paint to make sure that it looked its best.

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Why regular redesigns are essential

While a full redesign of your site might seem costly and time-consuming, running smaller and regular updates to your website will keep it looking fresh and on point.

How often you need to do this will depend on several factors, including how your current site is performing, whether your template is still fit for purpose, and in which direction you want to take your business. The reasons for a redesign can vary from business to business, but as a general rule, you should look at redesigning your website about as often as you upgrade your smartphone, every 18 to 30 months.

How detailed should a redesign be?

Giving your site a refresh will keep your website fully optimised and give you a chance to review how you are communicating with your customers. Whether your business needs more traffic, more growth or a re-brand, a redesign can help with this.

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The level of redesign depends on how big of a change you wish to make. For example, your site structure may be fine, but the look and feel of the site needs an update. How your website looks is the first impression your customers will have of your business, so being able to go visit your local Reading web design agency such as will help ensure that your website vision reflects your brand identity and the redesign is future-proofed.

Finally, making sure your visitor can find what they are looking for in a few easy clicks is essential. Even as your business grows and possibly even changes direction, knowing that your customers can easily navigate your site, no matter what device they use, is vital – as is ensuring that all the features on your website are working for a smooth user experience right through to the sale.