5 Top Tips for Maintaining a Tidy Office Desk

To create a functional and productive workspace, it’s essential to have a tidy office desk. A tidy desk creates less distraction and provides you with more freedom to get your work done. However, if you aren’t a naturally organised person, a tidy desk can be hard to maintain. Here are five top tips for maintaining a clutter-free office desk.

Remove Unnecessary Items

The first step to maintain a tidy desk is to keep fewer things on it. Take a look at your office desk and work out what the essentials are and what can be removed. If documents have been sitting on your office desk for months, sort them into piles and place them into binder folders. If you have too many binder folders, store them in drawers or filing cabinets. Purchase dividers and appropriate labels to minimise hassles with documents and paperwork.

You should also sort through your stationery items and throw out any broken pens or highlighters. Keep the ones you use daily in a pen holder on your desk so they’re easy to find and reach for. Essentially, if you don’t need or use an item often, don’t keep it on your desk.

Use Drawers

To maintain a tidy desk space, place portable drawers underneath your office desk. This way, you can keep all your paperwork and supplies nearby in a reachable location while removing them from sight. The use of drawers can vastly help to increase productivity, as you won’t be as easily distracted from the clutter on your desk.

Store Things Digitally

If your job requires you to use a computer, store important documents digitally on your desktop rather than keeping hard copies. This may require you to scan all your documents, but it allows you to decrease the clutter on your office desk.

You can also use a program like Microsoft Outlook to stay organised. Instead of using memos and sticky notes that can litter your desk, use the calendar feature to manage your meetings and set reminders. You can also keep a record of important phone numbers and email addresses in the contact section, and even create to-do lists using the tasks function.

Make Time for Regular Cleaning

It’s important to regularly clean your office desk. If it hasn’t been cleaned for months, it might take a while. However, when you make some time to clean your desk every week, it should only take a few minutes. Cleaning regularly at a designated time is the best way to eliminate a build-up of paperwork and clutter.

Tidy Messy Cables

If there’s a computer at your office desk, it’s inevitable that there will be a lot of cords that come with it. It’s important to keep these cords in order to prevent them from becoming tangled and causing clutter. An easy and affordable way to manage cords is using cable ties or large sized bulldog clips to bind the cords together and label them so you know exactly what each cable is used for. This way, they’ll be properly organised and kept in a tidy manner.