Why Is MobileGo ICO Price Expected to Rise?

Today, there are lots of cryptocurrencies that you can buy to use and obtain some benefits, but if you are a gamer, there are no doubts that you should think of getting MGO tokens.Initially,MobileGO token was designed as an in-game currency, but today it provides many more opportunities.

What is an MGO token?

MGO is a token that was destined to begin a new era in the mobile gaming industry. It can be used for a range of purposes, including buying game related stuff or getting rewards. While it is perfect for gamers, it can also be a great option for other people.

If you are a gamer, you can use MobileGo ICO as an entrance fee to different tournaments, earn additional discounts, buy in-game content, and more.

Game publishers can also benefit from using MGO tokens because they can enjoy quick and secure payments. Those who are interested in making the investment will surely get benefits from the constantly growing mobile game industry. Although MobileGo is mainly related to the gaming world, it is not limited by it because it will also be engaged in the development of intelligent contract applications based on Ethereum. For more information about MGO ICO, you can go to http://mobilego-ico-price.com.

What are the perspectives of MGO tokens?

Although Google Play and Apple own a lion share of the mobile market outside China, MobileGo is a strong competitor willing to direct 50% of all funds raised at the Crowdsale to invest in marketing. Just within 4 hours of launch, MobileGo man aged to raise $ 4.5 million at the Crowdsale, which ended in 4 weeks reaching over $53 million, which made MobileGo the largest funded ICO. MobileGO ICO price was $0,589809on November 6, 2018, and currently, you can purchase MGO token at a price of $0.384.

Recently, the MGO’s developers signed a contract with Ethereum and Waves,and now they are also partners with Xsolla, Microsoft, etc.Generally, it is expected that the price is going to increase thanks to the quickly growing community as well as the massive use of MGO tokens by 500 million users.