Key reasons to use a VOIP telephone system

VOIP telephony systems are seeing a massive surge in popularity and there are many reasons for this, but one key reason is the flexible benefits and features that this type of system can bring to your business. There is also an increase in the number of telephony and IT businesses that are looking into the reselling of these types of services – International voip wholesale provider companies such as can give you more information on these services.

If you are looking into making the most out of your telephony, here are some key reasons why you might want to look into a VOIP system:

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  • Relocation capabilities – VOIP services essentially follow you wherever you go. This can be on a day to day basis if you are out and about for part of your work or if you relocate offices. As long as you have internet capability you have the ability to be able to move your handset and plug in to receive and make any telephone calls you need. Unlike your traditional telephone that has a number linked to a dedicated line a VOIP system does not have any of these restrictions making it perfect for providing your business with the flexibility and freedom that is needs.


  • Low call costs – Calls that are connected using the internet as a route are naturally cheaper than those using a traditional line, part of this is due to the fact that when making a call across a traditional telephone line the line is not available for any other calls to take place once it is being utilised. When making calls across the internet there is almost an unlimited about of calls that can take place. Therefore, meaning both domestic and internationally calls can be provided on a more cost-effective way.

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  • Build responses the best way for your business – As a phone system, VOIP provides a lot of flexibility in the way you can interact with the features. With a traditional telephone whether this is a domestic or mobile handset when you are on a call the only option available to you if someone else calls in is to allow them to leave a voicemail message, probably with a personalised message from yourself. With VOIP you have the ability to be able to have voicemail messages sent to you in text form either as a text message or as an email for you to then deal with in whatever manner is necessary. You can also have calls forwarded onto another number and from the system dashboard you can adapt and amend these numbers and any additional features as and when you need to.

Now you know some of the key features of a VOIP telephone system and how they can help your business why not take a look at some providers today.