Best projectors on the market

With the advent of big, light flat screens, TVs have been getting bigger in recent years. If you want a really big-picture, HD home cinema experience, buying a TV can prove expensive.

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However, there is another option in the form of a projector. These use either LCD or Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to provide a large, bright picture at less than the cost of a big-screen TV.

Affordable projectors

The type of projector you buy really depends on what you want to use it for. Smaller, cheaper models like the RIF6 Cube or the AAXA Pico tend to be aimed at portable use, such as for business presentations.

For home cinema use, a smart home automation company will usually steer you toward something a little more sophisticated. This could be the ViewSonic PJD7720HD. It’s affordable at under £500 yet offers enough brightness for the picture to be visible even in a well-lit room. It’s also capable of projecting 3D movies.

The Epson EHTW5300 is another good choice. It uses LCD technology and can project 1080P HD images to a screen size of up to 330 inches, so you may need a bigger lounge!

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More expensive options

If you want to spend more, a smart home automation company in London should be able to recommend several models in the sub-£1000 bracket. The BenQ W2000, for example, is a good all-rounder that is able to project a 100-inch picture from up to 2.5 metres. It has a standard 20W speaker, but for best results, you’ll want an external sound setup.

If you’re prepared to spend more than £1000, the Epson EH-TW6700W will give you full HD images of 100 inches from only three metres away and can go up to 300 inches if you want. Its lamp has a life of up to seven years, so you should get a long life from it. It has built-in wireless so you can stream media from a tablet or smartphone.

For those who are short on space, the Philips Screeneo 2.0 comes in the form of a neat, stylish black and silver cube, but it can project a 50-inch image from just 10cm away from the wall. It has a 26W sound system built in and can project up to 120 inches if required.