Feilun FT009 – a higher Speed RC Toys Racing Boat that works at 30km/h

Summer is around the corner and even from now at many places we’ve good and sunny days. It’s time to get a sail boat and get out to the ocean…alright not really a real boat, however the Feilun FT009, a higher Speed RC Toys Racing Boat that works at 30km/h!

Feilun FT009 is currently available for order at TomTop. It really is one of the best selling and popular entry level broadband racing motorboat model available in the market because of its decent build quality and affordable rates. The fishing boat is run by 540 class size water-cooled engine which provides a great deal of thrust while making sure the motor unit do not overheat. The Feet009 is also outfitted with anti-capsize technology so you don’t need to be anxious even if the fishing boat accidentally resulted in side down in the middle of lake. Also, the latest 2.4Ghz get spread around spectrum occurrence ensure longer transmitting distance and with high resistance to inteference. We’ve personally tested the number of the motorboat and it might go so far as 200meters. Overall, the Feilun FT009 is a good performer at it cost range despite some small improvement could be further be increased. We highly recommend this motorboat whether you’re not used to broadband RC Toys boat or an existing player.


The Feilun FT009 comes out in two colors, green and orange. The remote control controller works at 2.4GHz for better direction and the fishing boat is made out of Washboard abs. The maximum velocity as mentioned at the start 30km/h and you can control it at a distance of 100-150 meters away from you. You are able to set the vessel run everywhere and with flip self-righting function. The sizes of the boat are 465 x 120 x 110mm and weights only 610g


The Feilun FT009, except from jogging really fast with a speed up to 30km/h, uses a specially designed drinking water cooling and self-righting system, to keep the sail boat safe and reliable. The external design is very amazing and combined with broadband that can reach we’ve a splendid combination of everything we will get best!


The Feilun FT009 needs about 6 x AA power packs which are not included for the transmitter. The fishing boat itself got a 7.4V 1500mAh LiPo battery pack. In order to get fully billed, you will need about 3 hours and after that you will be able to play with it for 5 – 6 mins.


The Feilun FT009 is a brilliant fast racing motorboat. Reaching the swiftness of 30km/h, you must be extra careful not to take a ticket! ? You’ll be able to think it is at TomTop, at Flash Sales for only 46.99$!