Commercial kitchen equipment: new vs used

If you are setting up a commercial kitchen you will have the difficult problem of what equipment is the best investment. This article tries to help with that quandary.

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Where to start

If you’re not quite sure about the best approach to buying catering equipment you might find Emma Eversham’s article gives you some inspiration, especially if your kitchen is compact. The big division is between buying new, or used equipment. Each has their own advantages and problems.

Buying new

Buying new has some considerable plus points. There are lots of suppliers eager to compete for your business. You will be able to get exactly what you need, maybe even specifying custom variations. You can be certain the units will be in top condition, and they will have warranty protection for extra peace of mind. For some items, prone to heavy wear, the unreliability and risk of contamination of used equipment make new the only sensible option. This would include things like fryers and ice machines, which take a beating in normal use, but are expensive to fix if not right. Cost is the main reason you may be compelled to not equip from new.

Buying used

Used equipment is evidently cheaper, sometimes much cheaper, so economy is the strong argument for looking at this option. Choose well-known brands with a reputation for long life. If possible get the items looked over by an expert before committing. Some items fare better than others, and make safer used purchases. Gas equipment is probably less likely to be problematic than electrical items. Some things, like for instance ice machines, which when faulty, cost a lot to put right, are probably better avoided.

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Other ways

Whilst the idea may be as much new equipment as possible, the budget may not allow this, so investigate whether the supplier may have finance or leasing deals available to spread the cost. Look at whether dealers may have items with minor cosmetic flaws that they’re prepared to sell at lower prices. If you are looking for commercial warewashers for your new kitchen, contact a company such as247 Catering Supplies at for advice.

Invest for the future

Remember that however you source your equipment is an investment in your business. Don’t be tempted to use domestic equipment, which won’t survive the heavy use.