Video Games


Video games as we all know are becoming increasingly popular among people of all age groups. They came into picture in the 80s and ever since then they have been a major source of entertainment amongst children. With the advent of mobile phones, tablets, smart phones, etc. the video game changed into different forms with major chunk of the people downloading the games and playing it in all levels.

Earlier the television used to be the main source of entertainment but now this trend has changed and people have switched to other forms of entertainment with most of them entertaining themselves by playing games. The platforms may be different but video games or computer games have attracted players on all platforms and of all age groups. In fact people of age group 25-35 are the major players of these games and buyers of play-station and X box games. People still watch TV with all the members sitting together to watch it but it is not wrong to say that the world of entertainment is changing.

But many people argue that video games and computer games leave the children distracted and they spend most of their time in playing games and this makes the children dumb in their behaviour. There are only few games which are not good for children and thus when they become too much involved, it hampers their learning behaviour and response towards things. Though they have a case in point, but multiple resources have proved beyond doubt that they are not as bad as people think.

But there are games which enhance a lot of good things like hand eye coordination, logical thinking, reasoning, etc. There are some games which needs the use of basic mathematic concepts so such kind of games enhances the focussing or concentrating ability of children. In the recent times the mobile gaming popularity is at its peak owing to the technology of smart phones and tablets. The games are beautifully and cleverly illustrated step by step in a process so that anyone can easily learn the game. There are many games which are popular like Minecraft, Destiny, FIFA15, Fallout, etc. You can find more about games at Some of the games have become legendary and keeps people engrossed at all times. The legendary games have many levels and people keep reaching the different level of the games and they feel very rewarding.